Friends of MoveWell

Alan Stokes

Alan is one of Europe’s best Surfers.

He has previously ranked 3rd and 2nd in Europe, won three British Titles, two UK Pro Tour Titles and has countless other competition, air show and expression sessions wins around Europe. Although he still competes, his focus now is on free surfing and developing progressive board designs with his company FORM surfboards.

Good surfing is heavily reliant on a stylish movement aesthetic in and out of all planes of movement. Being able to move well on something that’s moving is a fine art. Alan’s movement intuition and awareness of his own body matches his surfing ability.

His natural flow, awareness of his environment and experience of optimising training strategies whilst travelling the world makes Alan a perfect fit for MoveWell.

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Dr Jenna Macciochi

Immunologist Dr Jenna Macciochi specialises in understanding how nutrition, movement and lifestyle interact with the immune system in health and disease. With over 20 years of experience, she is on a mission to break down the science behind our health and share the scientifically proven secrets of being well for good.

We love Jenna's proactive approach to health and her evidence based practice has led to a significant following - check out her instagram @dr_jenna_macciochi

Based in Brighton, Jenna is a Senior Lecturer at The University of Sussex, fitness instructor and health coach and author of two books Immunity: the Science of Staying Well and Your Blueprint for Strong Immunity.

Jenna is a mother of twins and a keen home cook. Jenna grew up farm-to-table which has nurtured her appreciation for creating nourishing recipes and rituals inspired by her rural Scottish roots and capturing her family’s Italian heritage.

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Easkey Britton

Easkey is a surfer and a pioneer of big wave surfing. She has ridden some of the biggest cold-water mountains that the west coast of Ireland can throw up. Easkey has been nominated for the WSL Big Wave Awards. No audience, no blue skies, no golden sands – just her physical and mental aptitude. On this alone, Easkey should have your attention.

However, her story doesn’t stop there. Easkey is a scientist, author, social and environmental activist with a PhD is Environment and Society. Easkey draws on these facets to give inciteful TEDx talks, feature in award winning documentary films and she has published two books, helping to educate around the social and environmental challenges we currently face.

These combined passions of dancing over aqua mountains, alongside an academic and experiential understanding of societal and environmental wellbeing are exactly what we like to support here at MoveWell. These are the standards we aspire too, thanks for being part of a team that keeps us honest Easkey, it’s great to have you onboard.

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Sam Matavesi

Sam plays Rugby. He’s a Fijian International and plays for Northampton Saints in the RFU Premiership.

Sam plays hooker but knows his way around the park in a Number 8 shirt as well. Even at 111kg, he manages to move like a panther. He’s had his fair share of knocks and set-backs but always resets and comes back for more, smiling as he does it.

That’s what we like best about Sam; he works hard to stay in the physical space required to play rugby at the highest level and we are proud to provide him with the tools he needs to prepare and recover on the road. His direct feedback is hugely valuable to us in developing our products. Thanks for working with us Sam.

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Jo Meek

Jo loves to run. She's quite good at it. She does it anywhere....on roads, in the mountains and on trails.

Having spent the past few decades racing all over the world, Jo has even been selected to run for the GB Ultra Team and has achieved notable career highlights like being Top 10 in the world, being the second female in the Marathon des Sables (Sahara Desert) and first in the 225km Costal Challenge (Costa Rica).

If Jo asks you to go for a run, its probably best to say no. In the spare time she has, Jo is a passionate Chartered Physiotherapist and works up to elite level with athletes from the English Institute of Sport.  As a result, she doesn't mess around with her product feedback and she is driven to protect the wild spaces she runs within.

That's why we love having Jo onboard; things have to work, so we make them work. Thanks Jo.

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Liz Patient

Liz is the founder of Pilates for Runners, she delivers specialist online pilates sessions for a huge range of runners and has built up an extensive expertise and following in doing so.   Liz is a passionate trail runner,  Pilates instructor and advocate of movement.

In 2018 after being plagued by running injuries and niggles she began to adapt her Pilates practice specifically to support running. It transformed her running form and performance. Since then, she has helped a huge range of runners from beginners to marathon and ultra-runners, with specialist online Pilates sessions under the brand @pilates_for_runners

Liz is a staple exhibitor and speaker at the National Run Show UK - her experience with helping runners to rehab, prehab, prepare and recover is impressive and makes her a perfect fit for MoveWell.  It helps that she loves our products!

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Andrei Burton

Andrei is such a multi-talented guy - it’s hard to know where to start.

Gravity defying stunts are his thing. He’s now one of the most successful elite trials mountain bike athletes in the UK, he’s been ranked Number 1 in the UK and Number 10 in the world. He’s broken eight Guinness World Records on a bike and competes for Team GB.

In his time off the bike, he’s become a highly respected rock climber and has been a finalist on the ITV show ‘Ninja Warrior’ twice, and has then gone on to be selected as a Pro Ninja Tester.

Quite frankly, he’s one of the best all round athletes we know. Travel and adventure are integral to his being, so when we give kit to Andrei, we know its going to be worked hard!

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Matt Sharman - MoveWell Advocate / Bodyboard Depot

Matt Sharman

Matt has had a journey. He started his adult life as a professional rugby player at Saracens RFC, but significant injury put a kibosh on his career plans. Matt was forced to re-calibrate and funnel his energy into business, with his love for bodyboarding blooming a little later.

He now dedicates all his time and energy to the ocean and his training, having set his compass on targeting competition at the top level. Unbelievably, in his 40th year, Matt competed in his first bodyboard World Tour Event at the Sintra Pro in Portugal. He is not interested in barriers - we like that. The arduous nature of his sport and his determination have our attention. Good luck Matt!

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Jake Farren-Price - International Sailor, ilca 7 class

Jake Farren-Price

Jake is a Sailor. He competes internationally and currently has his sights firmly set on the Paris Olympic Games. He sails in the ilca 7 class, the men’s Olympic single-handed class (formerly known as laser).

Jake describes “strength, method and resilience” as his core values and the foundation of his approach to sailing.  He has these in abundance and we would also add, he is passionate about marine conservation and the preservation of his playground! Great to have you onboard Jake.

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Gwyneth Uttley 

Gwyneth is a climber.

She has competed in both Sport and Boulder disciplines for the GB team since 2014.

Having started climbing at a birthday party when she was just 8 years old, G’s climbing has gone from strength to strength over the last 14 years and she is now based in Sheffield, the home of GB climbing, to enable her to train and compete internationally whilst also completing a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering at the city's University.

Her love for climbing, movement and travel make her a perfect advocate for MoveWell.

Welcome G!

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Michael Taylor

Michael is a Triathlete.

He recently represented GB at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, is a European medallist and three-time GBR Paratriathlon National Champion. He now has his sights firmly set on Paris.

He is a man of many talents; alongside international triathlon competition, Michael is studying Medicine having previously studied Physiotherapy. We know Michael's feedback on our products and input into our future ranges will help us on our quest to continue to be better.

He's an inspiring guy. Thanks for joining us Michael.

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