Self Massage Tools

Self Myofascial Release (SMFR) products is a self-administered method of promoting movement capacity and potentially reducing injury risk. SMFR can also enhance post-exercise recovery by reducing delayed onset muscle soreness.

Proposed benefits of Self Myofascial Release include:

  • Neuro-modulation of painful stimuli
  • Improved blood flow
  • Effect on fascial sliding properties
  • Breaking up adhesions
  • Loosening cross links between fascial layers
  • Alteration of passive tissue stiffness
  • Improving cell hydration
  • Stimulating contractile cell activity
  • Positively affecting myofibroblasts / muscle filament mechanical properties

Our SMR tools are arguably the most environmentally sustainable on the market today. Our tool are made from cork, an all-natural, completely biodegradable material that contributes, unlike the majority of ‘foam’ rollers and MFR tools on the market, which are often made from toxic polyethylene, EVA or solid plastic. We use high density cork, sourced from Portugal, where our manufacturer and cork forests are within close proximity, keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum. We use a VEGAN and REACH certified manufacturer, who operate at near zero waste. Cork also has natural antibacterial, antiallergenic and antistatic properties, with 98.6% of bacteria killed within 90 minutes of impact, so unlike other rollers, microbes and sweat won’t hang around.