Sustainable Cork Ball Glute Roller
Cork Ball Roller Foot


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Take a targeted approach to specific trigger points or smaller muscle groups with our super portable natural Cork Sphere. Made from FSC certified Portuguese Cork. Particularly effective for trigger point massage and rolling throughout the body including the plantarfascia.  Cork is antimicrobial and antibacterial.

Self Massage products allow the user a self-administered, effective way to desensitise tissue, promoting movement and modulating pain. Self Massage can be useful as part of a warm up and also enhance post-exercise recovery by promoting blood flow, aiding lymphatic drainage and reducing delayed onset muscle soreness.

Green Credentials

Made from Portuguese FSC certified Cork - compressive and light without the use of EVA or other plastics
VEGAN & REACH certified manufacturer operating at near zero waste
Robust and hardwearing onwardly biodegradable / recyclable natural material 


Product Specifications

Country of origin: Portugal
Material: FSC certified Cork 
Dimensions: 7.5cm
Weight: 80g 

For DPD next day delivery - orders need to be completed before 12pm