Advocate Q&A: Sam Matavesi

Talk us through a typical training week…

Well, if we play on a Saturday we will have Sunday off! Sunday will then consist of an easy walk for some active recovery and some stretching using the Multi Band and I'll definitely use the roller for some recovery work to help reduce the effects of DOMS.

Monday will start with an early 20-30 min bike and then I’m in the sauna, before heading to the club. Mondays usually involve game analysis and meetings but we will also have a lower body weights session - before this I will use the bands and roller to fire up the legs!

Tuesday is a skill and drill learning day under fatigue and the same will apply but we will have upper body weights. I’ll be using the same equipment pre-session to prepare the sort tissue and activate prior to loading.

Wednesday is off day where I will get to the gym and stretch and maybe do some arms 👀

Thursday is a hard, fast day, we will have live scrums and mauls with power in the gym.

Thursday we are put under pressure to execute the week's learning under fatigue to get ready for the game.

Friday is a ‘Team Run’, where we work through phases of play and it’s player led, it’s a smooth session and all about detail.

Saturday is game day!

What does your routine look like before a typical training session?

Before a session, gym or pitch, I will have a good roll of the body and I will factor in some specifics dependent on the session i.e. if I’m lineout throwing I will use the bands to activate the shoulders and neck.

Do you do anything differently pre-match?

I try and keep the same routine for training and game. Now I have some MoveWell equipment I can keep my routine consistent whether that’s at home or in a hotel before an away game.

When do you tend to use active recovery sessions and what do you normally do in these?

True active recovery for me will be on days off or the day after the game; personally I like the ice bath but a good walk followed by some rolling and static stretching using the MoveWell Roller, Peanut and Multi Band will get me ready for the next days training.

You’ve had the MoveWell Essential Pack and Roller for a while now…what’s your favourite thing about MoveWell?

The MoveWell Packs are fantastic and practical. I’m currently away with Fiji, I have the Essentials Pack and a Roller, they fit easily in my suitcase so I can use in my hotel room and at venues. Plus, it looks awesome!

Thank you. Where can people find more about you?

Instagram: sammatavesi
Twitter: Samuelmatavesi7