Advocate Q&A: Michael Taylor

Talk us through a typical training week...

Typically, I complete 4x swim, run and bike sessions a week. I gym once and often do a mobility session for 20 mins or so but this changes. Swim-wise, I do long aerobic, technical, speed and endurance sessions. Running, I do long aerobic, shorter aerobic, speed/track and a tempo session. On the bike, I currently do 3 long aerobic rides and one hard bike session but that will change to two sessions and two long rides.

In the gym, I do a lot of mobility and rolling, and use bands a lot around my hips and for ankle and shoulder injury prevention. My sessions are focused mainly on legs and single-leg exercises to try to strengthen my left leg and improve my balance and stability.

Over the winter, the main focus is to build up aerobic endurance. Then moving into the spring and summer, the focus will turn to more speed and race-specific technical skills, such as brick sessions and transition practice.

What does your routine look like before a typical swim/bike/run/strength session? How do you warm up differently for the different disciplines? Are there things you do consistently across them all?

I don’t really do anything specific before an aerobic session. If I'm doing a hard session, I normally do 10 to 15 mins easy and maybe stretch a little before, and then a few smaller efforts just to raise the heart rate. In the gym, I always roll and stretch for 10-15 mins prior to the session and start with bodyweight exercises and then usually some hip and shoulder exercises, such as clams or Y's and T's, just to make sure I don't get injured, and so all the muscle groups are ready to go.

Do you do anything differently pre-competition?

Prior to competition, I would usually jump on a static bike for 20 mins pre-race, do a few efforts and, if possible, jump in for a quick swim or just do some arm swings/banded shoulder exercises.

When do you tend to use active recovery sessions & what do you normally do in these?

I roll/ stretch quite often in the evening if I'm feeling a bit tight or sore, just for 10 mins or so in front of the telly, and also after a long journey such as a flight.

Do you implement any specific injury prevention strategies?

I do quite a lot of band strengthening work around my ankle, calf raises in order to reduce the risk of an ankle sprain and a lot of balance and stability on my left side to try and make it as equal as possible when I'm walking/ running. This prevents any compensation with my right side causing issues, with simple balance and strengthening exercises.

You’ve had the MoveWell complete/essentials pack for a while now…what’s your favourite thing about MoveWell?

The peanut and the roller are great for when you're feeling sore and tight.

Thank you. Where can people find more about you?

Instagram @michaeltaylor08_