Advocate Q&A: Jo Meek

Talk us through a typical training week…

A typical week of running can vary depending on the season. As we approach winter, now I am building my training with a focus on speed and threshold (as opposed to anything too long as that's what racing is all about in the season as an ultra runner). I train around 15hrs a week running anywhere from 50 to 80miles. I run six days a week and strength train in a gym twice a week. I will stretch thoroughly twice a week using foam rollers/ massage guns/ hard fascial release balls. I will try to do a quick stretch after each run if there is time. I don't stretch before I start running I just jog. I am an incredibly active person so often my post exercise recovery is a dog walk. My job, as a physio, involves a lot of standing and is pretty physical too.

What does your routine look like before a typical training session?

I am pretty old school - I just head out and jog! If I have a niggle I will focus on some activation work, usually focusing on my glutes using resistance bands but that's it. I will mobilise a bit more prior to gym work for example to make sure my thoracic spine is as loose as it can be as this is often a source of tightness.

Do you do anything differently pre- race?

No apart from have a strong coffee!

When do you tend to use active recovery sessions and what do you normally do?

My active recovery is called life....I walk the dog, I go to work... etc.
Ideally, I would stretch and roll after most runs and just let my heart rate recover slowly.

Do you implement any specific injury prevention strategies?

Yes I strength training routinely in the gym or at home (during lockdown). I lift heavy weights and will do a circuit comprising of split squats, squats, pull-ups (not many!😀) and other weights. I do an abdominal workout twice a week. My previous injuries have been tendon related, so lifting heavy means I'm targeting my tendons ability to cope.

You’ve had the MoveWell Essential Pack and Anywhere Roller for a while now…what’s your favourite thing about MoveWell?

I run hard and I lift heavy and I feel it most in my fascia so I love the hard ball and the foam roller to keep all this moving and gliding. I also love the fact they are environmentally sustainable. It's the way forward! 

Thank you. Where can people find more about you?