Advocate Q&A: Alan Stokes

Talk us through a typical training week…

A typical day-to-day routine for me is to wake up early, around 6am, and spend a good hour doing active stretching and core work until I feel like I’m loose but strong. Then I will head down to the beach to surf or run a surf coaching program. Between swells, I try to train for base strength and endurance. This involves predominantly functional bodyweight and kettle bell sessions to work on strength and help prevent injury, plus stand up paddle boarding and six to ten mile coastal runs to help maintain and improve my cardiovascular endurance. All of these training methods vary in duration and intensity depending upon the swell forecast that week!

What does your routine look like before a typical surf session?

I usually start to my day with some rolling and dynamic stretching. I then change into my wetsuit at home and run down to the surf. I like to be pretty warm so this run helps me warm up and then I try to stay warm while I surf. After surfing I will rehydrate, work on some hip and lumber stability drills, then go into my recovery routine.

Do you do anything differently pre-competition?

Pre-comps I try to do exactly the same but I will focus on diet a little more to maximise energy.

When do you tend to use active recovery sessions and what do you normally do?

Everyday at least twice a day; foam rolling, stretching, core stability work and some cold water swimming. 

Do you implement any specific injury prevention strategies?

Loads of stretching, both dynamic and static, helps me maintains a complete range of movement enabling me to achieve the positions required whilst surfing, and I also do some stability work to help maintain strength and control and fend off injury. 

You’ve had the MoveWell Complete Pack for a while now…what’s your favourite thing about MoveWell?

I love the Peanut! it’s harder than most massage products and it’s the correct size to really target tight mid and lower back muscles.

Thank you. Where can people find more about you?

Instagram: @alan_stokes