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Sustainable Movement Health

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We provide sustainable movement products for health and wellness.

We are about creating space to move.  Our products facilitate the journey.  Building habits, creating rituals, elevating movement.  The foundations for wellness.

Our products are made from responsibly sourced, certified natural or recycled materials. Simple and effective products that help to facilitate movement.

Over 100 clinics, studios and individual practitioners in the UK and beyond already trust and value working with us and we are looking to grow and extend our network of forward thinking clinics, studios, retailers and practitioners who work with us…perhaps this is you?

Our Affiliates Package provides an additional revenue opportunity for your clinic or studio. Free to join, we offer you any of our products for demo in your organisation, discounted by 30% and a web-code offering your clients 15% online discount.  If you want to see product through your organisation, we offer you personalised access to our new wholesale website area, where you can buy as few as 5 units and up to 1000 units of our products and make up to a 50% margin on each product.

Additionally, all MoveWell sales (web & wholesale) protect rainforest thanks to our partnership with Tr[1]be - Amazonian trees are protected for every purchase made.   At the time of writing we have protected 2595 mature trees - stop and consider that! We provide a real time counter and metrics via our impact page so you can see the difference that you and your clientele are contributing to.

As an industry our sustsinability standards have been low.  This had led to poor quality, plastic products, that are hard to recycle and don't biodegrade. As Chartered Physiotherapists we felt a dissatisfaction with directing people towards large online retailers selling plastic products.  We wanted to provide them with a better choice.

Better for the environment and better for their wellbeing. Perhaps you feel the same?  If so please drop us a message on to enquire about becoming an Affiliate - we'd love to hear from you!