Rituals | 5 Minute Morning Yoga Routine

Spend 5 minutes of your morning freeing up your movement, and focussing your mind, with MoveWell Associate @maxinedean.  This energising yoga flow routine gives emphasis to your hamstrings, hips and thoracic spine, as these are the areas that can become restricted in our modern lives. Give your movement 5 minutes, your body and mind will thank you.

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Here are some pointers....

1. Childs pose with side stretch. Options for a wide or narrow leg child pose. Hold with your arms out in front of you, then walk them out to the right side of the mat, sitting your left hip back down towards your heel to feel a stretch through the left side body, repeat on the right.

2. Cat cow. Move with the breath, inhaling lift your tail bone and chest and as you exhale round through the spine and tuck the tailbone.

3. Thread the needle. In four point kneeling lift one arm up towards the sky before feeding it under the other, bring your shoulder to the ground and your same cheek to the mat.

4. Dynamic downward facing dog. It may feel good to keep it dynamic first thing by either lifting and lowering the heals or peddling out through your feet.

5. Low lunge to half split variations. See options to alter the sensation in your half splits by moving the blocks either inside our outside the leg being stretched. In your low lunge take this opportunity to stretch further in to the hip flexor of the back leg by reaching hands to the sky and leaning towards the opposite side.

6. Lizard pose with variations.