MoveWell x Exhale Coffee - Rituals 2 'Recover While you Brew'


In the second of our Rituals/While you Brew mini series MoveWell co-founder, Physio and personal trainer Henry gives us some ideas on how you might best use your brewing time to recover from physical activity and perhaps the associated muscle soreness. This example would work particularly well for a runner but could be easily adapted or used as it is for almost any sport or physical activity.

Yesterday was a big day and today everythings feeling a little bit sore. Perhaps it was your long run or a massive surf, a tough training session, a local derby or you pumped out a big ride on the bike. Whatever it was, today you're feeling it. Which means, it's probably time for a coffee, so why not make use of the recommended 3-4mins brewing time and do a little bit of active recovery using the MoveWell 100% natural cork Anywhere Roller.

Self Myofascial Release also known as Self Massage or foam rolling can be a useful way to reduce perceived muscle soreness. The primary reason for this is not because you’re massaging knots or breaking down fascial adhesions but because of neural-modulation. I know...We haven't even had a coffee yet and I’m spouting about neural-modulation! But, put simply this refers to a desensitising effect and more simply still a reduced feeling of muscle soreness. If you're interested to know more, we have done a more in-depth post on it but for now lets get moving.

In this video I've focused on 4 areas: calves, quads and glutes and thoracic (or mid) spine. These can of course be changed to your personal preference or to align more with your sport/activity. For example swimmers and surfers might well want to incorporate something for the posterior shoulder. Drop your Anywhere Mat on the ground grab your preferred MoveWell Natural Cork Roller/Peanut/Sphere and you're off. You can roll both limbs simultaneously or individually aiming for 45 seconds or so per body part. It doesn't have to be agony but feeling some mild discomfort is part of the process that leads to Neural-Modulation and the desensitising of muscle soreness, so to some degree a little discomfort is important. You with me? Good, cause that's it. We are done, it's coffee time, enjoy.

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