MoveWell x Exhale Coffee - Rituals 3 'Workday Coffee & Movement Break'

Workday Coffee & Movement break In the third and final part of our Rituals/While you Brew mini series MoveWell co-founder, Physio and personal trainer Henry gives us some pragmatic ideas on how you might best use your brewing time during your work day coffee break to relieve office aches and pains.


Right, here we go. We’ve got 10 mins until we are back at the electronic coal face for a Teams/Zoom/Meets call for what feels like the umptenth time today already. Let's make the most of it with an Exhale Coffee loaded with anti-oxidants and make use of the 3-4minutes brewing time for a little MoveWell inspired movement break!

We all know the feeling, sitting at the computer and not moving enough can leave you feeling a bit stiff around the neck and shoulders. For this reason, in this little routine, I’ve focussed on the neck, thoracic region and shoulders as these are the ones people are most likely to present with in the clinic. Using the Peanut, spend 1-2mins or so massaging the back of the neck and upper spine. The shape of the Peanut is fantastic for this, it feels like it cradles the spine and offers some pressure to the muscles on either side. Tip; keep the movements fairly small and move the Peanut rather than trying to roll a large section of the spine with one movement.

Having used the Peanut to desensitise and get these areas moving, I then focus on the posterior part of the shoulder. I then use an Activation Band to work my shoulder and upper back musculature, which can become deactivated and weak in a protracted postion at the desk, with a ‘Sharapova’ & ‘W’ to ‘I’ exercises repeating enough times to get some fatigue in the muscle tissues, a micro-dose of exercise and boost to circulation and possibly even productivity. That is all. Super quick and super simple. Maybe I should do this little ritual every workday? Anyway, time’s up, press or pour the coffee and enjoy…. Oh and don’t forget that meeting!

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