MoveWell Environmental Values

How are MoveWell environmentally conscious? How have you gone the extra mile for sustainability?

In sourcing our products, we have done our best to balance material choices and manufacturing processes with transport/distance. Our aim has been to create durable robust products that remain fit for purpose, minimising the need to replace them and thus reducing product obsolescence. We have asked suppliers to minimise packaging materials and we have recycled all the packaging from our suppliers, we have not used air freight and where possible, we have sourced and manufactured as close to home as we can viably do so.  


Product specifics 

Anywhere Matt

Made from 100% natural rubber, we believe this is one of the most environmentally friendly products of its type. We are proud to be working with a manufacturer who have not only patented a non-glue, non-toxic, adhesive process but are committed to a pollution-free manufacturing process and the recycling of their industrial waste, alongside the recycling of post-consumer exercise and yoga matts creating a closed-loop process. The natural rubber and patented non-glue adhesive used to make our Anywhere Mat are onwardly biodegradable or recyclable should you ever decide to replace it. 

Activation and Multi Bands

Made from recycled polyester (RPet) and fully onwardly recyclable, we believe our band products are the most environmentally friendly products of this type on the market. Our bands provide a robust, high-quality, responsible alternative to the conventional virgin latex and plastic products. Our Oeko-Tex certified material is sourced from Spain and the bands are manufactured locally in the UK to minimise transport impact. 

Cork Products (Anywhere Roller, Peanut and Sphere)

Sourced and made in Portugal using FSC certified cork. This natural product is harvested from the cork tree and doesn't result in the tree being cut down. In fact, the harvesting process is entirely sustainable and doesn't harm the cork oak tree at all. As cork is a natural product, all of our cork products are biodegradable. We use a VEGAN and REACH certified manufacturer, who operate at near zero waste. 

Packs (Essentials and Complete)

Made from Recycled Polyester (RPet) we think our pack bags are the perfect store for our environmentally friendly products. The bags are made from 100% Recycled Post Consumer Plastic in the form of Recycled Polyethylene Tetraphyte (RPET), produced in a factory with SEDEX 4 accreditation.


We have utilised recycled coffee cup paper (recycled and onwardly recyclable) and grass paper (compostable) to reduce our environmental impact whilst still providing detailed product information. 


We have chosen to use simple, minimalist packaging for our products. All of the packaging is reusable or onwardly recyclable. The exception to this is the tube for the anywhere Mat (used when bought individually) which has plastic inserts. To counter this we are providing a free returns service for this so that we can reuse the packaging. 


Our product fulfilment is being done locally to reduce unnecessary transport of goods.  The company we use recycle all of their waste and we use recyclable outer packaging for all shipments.   

Is MoveWell a B-Corp?

We are starting our journey to becoming a B-Corp certified business in March 2022 and are committed to this process for our development.  We hope to attain pending B-Corp status in October 2022 and become fully certified in January 2023.  We value what B-Corp is doing and recognise that this will help us to get better as well as offering our customers a recognisable standard. 

Where can MoveWell further improve its products and processes?

We are always looking to improve our products and the way we do things for our customers and the environment. We are aware that this is an ongoing process and we are committed to continued improvement. Below are some of the ways we are hoping to improve our products and processes.

  • Optimising shipping freight space - as we grow and increase our offer we will be able to reduce waste space and use larger less frequent freight shipping. 
  • Product weight - we are always looking to improve our products and their environmental impact. Reducing weight makes for travel ready products and reduces transport weight. 
  • Exploring the use of recycled / organic thread / drawstring / zip - As part of our ongoing product development we are committed to finding ways to improve the quality and environmental credentials of all of our products.
  • Plastic free business to business shipping - we have already reduced plastic usage but are committed to minimising plastic use. 
  •  Decentralised fulfilment as we grow
  •  Working with more B-Corp manufacturers for wider sustainability
  •  Recycle scheme for old / customer replacement products
  •  Profit percentage into environmental charities 

How does preventive health benefit our environment?

Proactive approach - Our knowledge as experienced physiotherapists has helped us develop a range that provides both therapist and customer with a great tool kit that can be used anywhere. 

Less reactive health resources used - In the short term this reduces use of latex and plastic based products and provides durable alternatives. As a longer term view, improving health and fitness has a more positive effect on health and could help reduce the need for many medical interventions and resources across a lifetime. 

Increase in able walkers / cyclists - As we move towards reduced car usage, being self propelled and the health and fitness to do so will be even more important

Happier proactive people - a win-win situation for health and the environment