Activation Band - High Resistance
Activation Band - High Resistance
Activation Band - High Resistance

Activation Band - High Resistance

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Individual 'High' resistance short looped mini-band.  Used for warm up, rehab, conditioning and recovery sessions anywhere. The 'High' resistance activation band provides a good resistance for lower body neuromuscular recruitment and rehab and lower repetition upper body work.

Made in the UK, our Activation Bands are the only of their kind made from Oeko-tex certified material in the form of Recycled Post Consumer Plastic (RPet) and Natural Rubber, the bands are light, durable and both safe and comfortable for use directly against the skin and can be combined for multiple resistance options.

The MoveWell Activation bands are the responsible and sustainable alternative to products made from virgin plastic and latex. 


Green Credentials

Certified Oeko-texⓇ ‘Made in Green’ standard
Made from 63% recycled post-consumer plastic and 37% Natural Rubber 
Sustainable alternative to our virgin plastic and latex
100% recyclable materials 


Product Specifications

Country of origin: Manufactured in the UK | Material from Spain
Material: Oeko-texⓇ Made in Green certified RPet and Natural Rubber
Dimensions: 7cm x 26cm
Weight: 27g


See Product Care Instructions

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