MoveWell - Health and Fitness Associates Offer

Products to aid movement and active recovery anywhere.


MoveWell Associate Vendor Program


Our point of sale, individual webcode and discounted 'demo' items of your choice is all that is required 

  • Associates then receive a 20% of each sale where their discount code is used - paid monthly
  • Clients / Patients receive a 10% discount
  • Associates have no stock investment or further commitment beyond demo products
  • Vendors do not use up valuable space storing stock
  • There is no commitment or sales requirement 
  • The associates clients / patients receive their products within 24-48 hours after ordering

Program Details:

  • 50% off any MoveWell Products | Point of Sale and Promotional items for Demo 
  • Individual Vendor Discount Code 
  • 10% discount for the associates clients + 20% kickback of the total sale value paid to the associate
  • Sales revenue will be paid to each associate on the 31st of each month directly
  • Associate requirement to complete 2 x Associate Collab Instagram Post each year

We now have 40 UK clinics onboard - make contact and join community!